So long red hair…it was nice while it lasted

May 6, 2010

Sadly, my bright magenta hair only lasted a week due to a lovely weekend in Palm Springs filled with lots of pool time. Between the chlorine, washing my hair every day and using cheap shampoo, the magenta dye was stripped from my hair leaving me with a bleached-bronzed head of hair. The only red that was left was my roots, which were still surprisingly bright. But I knew I had to cover it up; my multi-colored hair was looking pretty bad.

So I used Logics (a salon brand only available to professionals) hair dye in blue brown and light brown, mixed it together with a 20 volume developer and covered my entire head with it. This resulted in a very dark brown with plum undertones, thanks to the red that was left behind. And surprisingly, it looks pretty good.

I actually like this color. I’ve already been asked several times what color I use and who does my hair and I have to explain the ridiculous long process of why my hair is the color that it is and it isn’t just straight from a bottle. The downside of all this? My hair is super dry and I may have to leave it alone for awhile to get it back in good shape. That means no more dying for a couple of months. Well, we’ll see how long that lasts lol.