Straight Sexy Hair Smooth and Protect Spray leaves hair silky smooth

April 22, 2010
While I don’t straighten my hair very often since I only wash it once or twice a week, I still felt a need to invest in a good heat protectant for when I do run a straightening iron through it. I bought the Straight Sexy Hair Smooth and Protect Spray a couple of months ago and this has become my go to spray when I use any heat styling tool.

I spray each section before running a straightening iron over it and it minimizes any amount of frizz and prevents my hair from being scorched- meaning no dry, straw-like hair and no split ends. This heat protectant spray has left my hair in excellent shape. I no longer have the appearance of heat damaged hair and my hair seems to be healthier than ever.

The Smooth and Protect Spray also works great when curling the hair. I use the same process when straightening- just spray each individual section, then wrap it around the curling iron as normal. Or, if you are blow drying your hair, you can spray this all over your hair and then blow dry for a shine and frizz-free do. This spray is the ultimate multi-purpose hair tool.

The Straight Sexy Hair Smooth and Protect spray is on the high side at $16, but because it works in so many different ways, and literally saves your hair from damage, while also keeping it healthy, it is definitely worth it. And because this spray has left my hair in such great shape, I am dying to try the other products in the Straight Sexy Hair line.

Have you tried any of the Straight Sexy Hair products? What do you think? Share in a comment below!