Stylish Blogger Award! Plus, 5 random facts about me.

May 5, 2010

The lovely Jo of Jo Make Me Blush has graciously awarded me the Stylish Blogger Award!

The rules are to post this on my blog, state 5 random facts about me and award 5 other lovely bloggers with the Stylish Blogger Award.

Here are 5 random facts about me:

1. I am a HUGE dog lover. I love dogs and if I could do one thing in life, it would be to open a dog rescue shelter big enough to hold a large number of dogs and not have to euthanize any of them. It saddens me how many dogs have to be euthanized because they never get adopted. NEVER buy from pet shops…always adopt when you can. You’ll be saving a dog’s life.

2. I am only 4’11”! Yup, that’s right. I’m pretty short, like, really short. I’ve always been extremely petite and I was always the smallest one amongst all of my friends and classmates (this still hasn’t changed lol). The plus side of this? I can still fit in kids size shoes (and jeans! Hello kids 7 For All Mankind! lol) which means it’s a lot cheaper, I can wear the tallest heels and never look ridiculous, I never have to worry about guys being shorter than me (although I’ve always been attracted to really big, tall guys) and…I can fit in overhead storage lol. Just kidding.

3. In January I graduated with a B.A. in journalism from the University of La Verne in La Verne, Calif. So far, this has to be my biggest accomplishment, yet I still can’t get a full time job pertaining to my degree. I just work a part-time retail job for now. Although it is fun and I do enjoy working retail, I need a higher paying job since I have to start paying back student loans soon. Not looking forward to that, but it is what it is.

4. People always like to guess what ethnicity I am, and usually they’re wrong lol. I always get asked if I’m some sort of middle eastern decent. But I actually come from a strange background in regards to ethnicity and religion. First off, as far as ethnicity goes, I am Mexican and Polish. My mother is Mexican (and was Catholic) and my father is a Polish, Jewish New Yorker. Strange mix, right? When I was about 7 years old my mother, my brother and I were converted to Judaism because she wanted the family to all be the same religion. So I was born Catholic (I used to have the best Christmas when I was younger) then I was converted to Judaism and now I celebrate Hanukkah. lol. And now? My boyfriend is Russian/Irish and is Russian Orthodox, so it may just get even weirder lol.

5. I hate exercising. I used to be on dance team in high school and was in pretty good shape, but to be honest, I’ve maybe exercised a total of two or three times since then. And I graduated in 2005! lol. I can be very lazy and I have a horribly unhealthy diet (lots of pizza, fast food and cereal). But surprisingly I still weigh just under 100 pounds. I’m sure it will catch up to me someday, but for now it isn’t really effecting me, or at least as far as I can tell.

So now that you know a few things about me, here are the five stylish bloggers I award the Stylish Blogger Award to:

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