Switching gears…

October 17, 2010

Well, well, well.

It certainly has been a long time since I’ve last posted on here and to be frank it makes me rather sad. Unfortunately, a lot has changed in my life and the universe hasn’t exactly been on my side so I’ve had quite a bit of things to handle and go through. I know, you may be pulling out the world’s smallest violin to play right now as you read this pathetic statement of whining.

But this surprising post isn’t to gain sympathy and tell a sad story, only merely a way of letting you all know that a change for the better is coming to the Pretty Petals blog.

I’ve spent countless hours sitting around every single day just browsing online for anything and everything and it occurred to me that there are several passions of mine that I don’t share with the world. This blog has mainly been about beauty and makeup and I’ve made an attempt to dabble in fashion blogging but never really kept up with it. So now, I am changing this blog to provide an insight to everything pretty. Sounds corny, right?

Well the name of my blog, Pretty Petals was created to refer to all things I find beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. And while it sounds vain, it is really just a reference to the beautiful things in life that bring me joy. Sometimes it is just a color combination, a work of art or a beautifully designed room. I truly have a passion for all things beautiful so Pretty Petals will now demonstrate and share my musings for all of the world to see.

But don’t worry, this will still be a beauty blog filled with the same product reviews, looks and hauls; it will just be sprinkled with posts on fashion, home design and dozens of other inspiring things.

I hope you will enjoy the new Pretty Petals blog and please feel free to leave a comment with any opinions, requests or questions you may have.