Target offers great affordable brushes

April 5, 2010

Target’s exclusive cosmetic tools brand Studio Tools offers a great selection of brushes at unbelievable prices. So far I have only tried their line of eye brushes, but they have easily moved into my everyday makeup application. Here is the rundown on four of the Studio Tools brushes I own.

From left to right: Studio Tools Eyeliner Brush, Eye Contour Brush, Medium Shadow Brush and Smudge Brush.

Studio Tools Smudge Brush
This brush works great for getting shadow underneath the lower lashes. It also does a fantastic job at smudging out liner on the top and bottom lashline on its own or with eyeshadow. I’ve been using it even more than my MAC 219 Pencil Brush. It’s just the right size to get a thing line of shadow instead of getting eyeshadow everywhere underneath the eye. It’s precise and it packs on shadow extremely well. The Studio Tools Smudge Brush is $2.49 at Target and is an exact replica of the MAC 214 Short Shader Brush which costs $23. A big price difference for essentially the same thing.

For size comparison: E.L.F. Shadow Brush (on left) and Studio Tools Smudge Brush (on right)

Studio Tools Medium Shadow Brush
The shadow brush has become hands down my favorite eyeshadow brush. It does everything! It easily packs shadow on to the lid, wonderfully blends out shadows, works as a great contouring brush and works as the perfect brow hilight brush. I love it and at $2.49 at Target, it’s an amazing deal. I’d pick up a few of these if you get the opportunity.

For size comparison: Loew Cornell Maxine’s Mop 3/4 Brush (on left) and Studio Tools Medium Shadow Brush (on right).

Studio Tools Eye Contour (Crease) Brush
I find myself reaching for this brush every time I do my eye makeup for its versatility and amazing ability to quickly blend shadows into the crease and outer v. I find it works excellent with shimmery eyeshadows as it picks up just the right amount of product without going overboard. I highly recommend this brush, especially since it’s only $1.99 at Target.

For size comparison: Studio Tools Eye Contour Brush (on left), MAC 219 Pencil Brush (middle), and MAC 224 Blending Brush (on right).

Studio Tools Eyeliner Brush
I already own the MAC 266 Brush which I use everyday with my MAC Fluidline, but it also makes an excellent brush for shading the brows. The problem is that I don’t always have the time or the patience to clean it every time so I can use the same brush for my brows, nor do I feel a need to pay for another one especially at $19.50 a pop. So when I found this angled eyeliner brush for only $2.49 I was ecstatic. It’s a tiny bit bigger than the MAC 266 but works just as well. I specifically use this brush for outlining and shading in my eyebrows with MAC Espresso Eyeshadow and makes filling in my brows a breeze.

For size comparison: MAC 266 Brush (on left) and Studio Tools Eyeliner Brush (on right).

All of the brushes have held up very well after several deep cleanings and I haven’t noticed any amount of shedding. The handles are durable, although it isn’t made of the strongest plastic, so you have to handle with some amount of care. But overall, I highly recommend all of the eye brushes in the Studio Tools line.

So if you’ve been looking for great MAC alternative brushes at inexpensive prices, then it is definitely worth checking out at your local Target. And if you don’t end up liking them, at least you’ve only spent a few bucks!