The Dreamiest Floral Dress… Under $30

February 28, 2017
floral dress

floral dress

MOSSIMO Floral Dress  •  GUCCI Mules  •  SEPHORA Cream Lip Stain in Pink Tea

There’s just something about spring and summer that brings out the gypsy soul in me. As soon as it gets cold, I pretty much stay indoors and wear beanies every day. But once the sun is out I can’t get enough of the outdoors and suddenly have this free spirit mentality. I want to feel the sun on my skin and breathe the fresh air. A nice day on the beach, a hike through the mountains… basically everything that Dallas doesn’t have haha. Maybe that’s why I love this floral dress so much. It gives me that bohemian feeling as if I’m back in sunny California. Nothing beats a spring day in Cali.

I was stopped dead in my tracks when I spotted this floral dress at the most unlikely place. Isn’t that the best? Someone recently asked me if I go shopping with the intent to find something specific. For me it’s quite the opposite. I rarely go shopping for something specific – you’ll never find anything that way. It’s almost like vintage or thrift store hunting. You’ll literally never find what you’re looking for, but if you go aimlessly you’re almost guaranteed to find something.

That was the case while I quickly perused the clothing aisles of Target on a lunch break one day. I spotted this dress and instantly fell in love. The muted colors, the draped waterfall hem line and the perfect length (that’s always rare). It was the dreamiest dress I had ever tried on. And it’s under $30. I paired it with my very worn-in Gucci mules because let’s be honest, there’s nothing “budget” about this dress. Dare I say the most beautiful dress ever sold by Target? Yes, yes it is.

*Wearing an XS for size reference.

floral dress floral dress floral dress floral dress floral dress floral dressPhotos by Beckley & Co.