The Missing 183 Brush and Review

February 4, 2010

I wish I had known how great the MAC 183 Kabuki brush is because I should have bought it when it was readily available in MAC stores. But no, instead for the last couple of months I have been on the hunt for this kabuki brush after reading great reviews about it for both blush and foundation. The search was on…and finally…during a random walk-in to the Pasadena MAC store, I had found it!

MAC 183 Brush


  • Flat top makes blending a breeze
  • Picks up color easily
  • Works with all mediums, versatile


  • Short handle can sometimes be difficult to work with
  • Hard to deep clean, especially when using with liquid foundations

Overall: This brush really is a great, versatile brush. I have been using it for just about everything, from liquids to creams, to powders. I highly recommend it and I think it is even better and easier to work with than the MAC 182 Buffer Brush.

And just in case anyone has also been on the hunt for the 183 brush, there are still a couple available at the Pasadena MAC store.