The Weekly Edit

The Weekly Edit | 11.8.16

November 9, 2016
weekly edit

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Slouchy Cashmere Beanie  •  Cashmere Blend Bow Cuff Pullover  •  Aviator Sunglasses  •  Notch Collar Jacket  •  High Rise Skinny Jeans  •  Block Heeled Booties

I’m actually putting this weekly edit together during Election night with a very nervous stomach. I almost feel silly for posting this during such a serious time. This is a democratic society and choices are made, votes are submitted… and we wait.

As a female, I don’t know how to feel about any of this. Anger, disgust, fear? Maybe all of the above? We don’t even have an outcome yet and I’m already stewing with the possibility of what I hope doesn’t become reality. But regardless of the outcome, life must go on.

During my wave of anxiety over this election, I actually ended up making a few purchases. Stress shopping lol. Worse than worrying, but worrying won’t get you anywhere either. I ended up getting this beanie which I anticipate will be getting a lot of wear once it gets colder. These booties are supposed to be incredibly comfortable and is getting nothing but great reviews. And how gorgeous is this bow cuff sweater? I love how the detailing makes the simple style look so luxe!

I end this post with a request for everyone to respect each other. There are going to be a lot of differing views and at the end of the day, regardless of who wins the presidency, we still all have to live on this earth together. Respect, love and empathy is what we need most.