{Top Picks} Old Navy: Holiday 2010

December 12, 2010

I recently went into my local Old Navy just to kill some time and was pleasantly surprised at the selection they had. Old Navy is always a hit or miss for me. Sometimes they have one or two cute things, but I am generally bored with the rest of the merchandise. This time, however, I was overwhelmed with all the great things they had and went into the fitting room with an armful of clothing. I fell in love with several blouses that looked like something you would find in Anthropologie, rather than Old Navy. A lot of the merchandise looked as if it was for Spring, but I kind of like the change in comparison to the traditional fall and winter wear. Who says you can’t wear spring colors in the winter? They also had a great selection of handbags, boots and scarves as well as some adorable dresses that you could easily wear year-round. So if you haven’t been into an Old Navy lately, I highly recommend you hit up your local store or check out the Website.

Old Navy Top Picks