Tufted + Distressed Leather Couch


There’s something about a really good tufted leather couch that just oozes luxury in the least pretentious way. The masculine feel adds an interesting element that looks sleek and effortlessly sophisticated.

I remember the first time I encountered one when I went to a childhood friend’s house for the first time and convinced her to sit and watch movies on the couch until we fell asleep. I was in love… with a couch. Everything seemed to compliment the couch, or maybe it was the other way around and the couch just complimented everything else?

The house, tucked away in a gorgeous Studio City neighborhood, was completely different than what I was used to. There were stacks of books that almost touched the ceiling and piles and piles of paperwork, newspaper articles and the most incredible collection of worldly tchotchkes I had ever seen, literally everywhere. No prissy flowers or following the mantra “A place for everything, and everything in it’s place” like I had always been taught me. Some may actually call it overwhelming, yet I had never felt more comfortable in my entire life. I truly believe it was the couch.

Here’s a bit of decor inspiration featuring a few tufted leather favorites.

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All images via Pinterest.

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  • This house is a dream 😍🌵 Now how do I move in? 🤔 #dreamhome #laliving #cactusheaven
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