{Tutorial} How to de-pot MAC eyeshadows

October 26, 2010
You will need:
MAC Eyeshadow (MAC)
Eyeshadow Palette (MAC, Stars Makeup Haven, e.l.f.)
Straightening Iron
Small Magnets w/ sticky back (Michael’s Craft Store, Jo-Ann Fabrics & Crafts, Stars Makeup Haven)
Let’s begin.
Step 1: First, turn on your straightening iron and set to medium heat. Grab your MAC eyeshadow and open the lid (I’m using Sweet & Punchy eyeshadow from the limited edition To the Beach Collection, which is why the container is green, not black). Take your tweezers and using one pointy end, try and stick it in between the small crack in the front of the black plastic part (see picture below). Pry the tweezers in that small slot and try and wiggle it around slightly until the black plastic part pops out, then carefully lift out.
Step 2: Take the black plastic portion with the eyeshadow and place on top of the heated straightening iron. Let sit for a few minutes. Put aside the empty eyeshadow container; it will be used towards the end.

 Step 3: While the eyeshadow heats up, take the small magnets and cut into a circle either the same size as or smaller than the empty slots in the eyeshadow pan.

Step 4: Pick up the eyeshadow from the straightening iron with your tweezers (DO NOT USE YOUR HANDS! VERY HOT!) and check the bottom of the plastic part. There is a small dot in the center and the plastic should look slightly sunken in on the middle dot and will appear shinier due to the melting. If the center does not appear to be sunken in a bit or the middle dot is not visible, let it sit for a few minutes longer on the straightening iron.

If it is ready, pick it up and use the tip of the tweezers to poke through the center. Be very careful when lifting it up! If it is too hot to pick up with your hands, let cool for a few seconds until it is safe to touch. By poking the tweezers through the middle, the eyeshadow pan should lift away from the black plastic portion. Lift the eyeshadow pan out with your tweezers (the pan will be especially hot since it is metal, so please don’t lift it out with your fingers) and place down on a paper towel to cool off eyeshadow side down. There will be melted glue on the bottom of the pan, but you can leave it on to help adhere the magnet to the pan. Also, leave the straighting iron on. There is still more heating to be done!

 Step 5: Take the empty eyeshadow container and place on the heated straightening iron. By doing this you will loosen the glue that is holding the eyeshadow label to the container. This should only take a minute or two and periodically check the bottom of the container to see if the label has lifted at all.
Step 6: Take the magnet that you cut into a circle and remove the paper backing to expose the sticky side. Stick the magnet onto the back of the metal eyeshadow pan. The leftover glue on the pan and the sticky side of the magnet should hold the two together.
Step 7: Take the eyeshadow container off the straightening iron. If the label has lifted a bit from the container or appears to have loosened up, use your tweezers to carefully and slowly remove the label from the container and place on top of the magnet that was placed on the bottom of the eyeshadow pan. The melted glue on the label will adhere it to the magnet so no extra glue is needed. If the label has not loosened up or does not appear to have lifted at all, place back on the straightening iron for another minute.

 Step 8: Now, all you have to do is pop the completed eyeshadow pan into an empty slot in your eyeshadow palette and you’re all done!

Tip: Place the black plastic portion back into the eyeshadow container so that it is basically put back together. If you have six empty MAC containers you can take them to any MAC counter or free-standing store and “back-to-MAC” them for a free lipstick. MAC is technically no longer allowed to take back empty eyeshadows that no longer contain the metal pan or label, however there are a select few locations that don’t check the items you take back very well, so they will count them as part of your six empties. Hint: Place all six of your empty items in a MAC plastic bag and they are less likely to notice because the bag is a bit darker and not as visible as just a clear plastic bag. You can also purchase the empty metal eyeshadow pans from places such as Stars Makeup Haven and just glue back into the eyeshadow container to make it look complete. Although, be weary because some MAC locations have caught on to this scheme. But it doesn’t hurt to try! (Wow, I sound like such a con artist lol!)
 I hope this tutorial was helpful!
  • EllybellybaybeesBeautyBlog*
    October 26, 2010 at 9:04 PM

    Fantastic Tutorial ! Very helpful 🙂

  • Jackie
    October 26, 2010 at 11:10 PM

    @EllybellybaybeesBeautyBlog*: Thank you! Glad I could help =)