Versatility of the Parsons Desk

January 28, 2013

The Parsons desk is a classic staple to decorate with that performs functionally and aesthetically. Available in a variety of textures and colors, it can be used for a side table, behind-the-sofa table, desk or vanity. The Parsons desk has been featured in a variety of home magazines and editorial spreads for its sleek design and ability to blend in with just about any decor. With the right accessories, this minimalist desk can truly stand out going beyond your typical office desk. I can’t get enough of seeing how many different ways you can decorate with this desk.
{Parsons Desk in white}
There are a number of copies of this desk but the most popular version of this design can be found at West Elm. Target also came out with a more cost effective version that you can purchase here and there are dozens that you can find on Amazon. The Parsons desk retails for $349 at West Elm and is one piece of furniture that will remain a classic for decades. An investment well made if you ask me.