Wednesday Wishlist 2.26.14 + Other News

February 26, 2014
Sandals // Skirt // Skincare // Flower // Shorts // Pumps
Heeled sandals are a spring and summer staple in my wardrobe and these affordable sandals are perfect with dresses, skirts or distressed shorts like the ones above. I’m loving full midi skirts lately so of course I’m obsessed with this neon pick. Paired with a striped tee and this Shop pin is perfect for Spring. And the pumps need no explanation…they’re just simply amazing. 
And to prep my skin for summer makeup, meaning a whole lot less than normal, I’m dying to try out the L’Oreal Youth Code skincare line. Has anyone tried these products yet? I’d love to know your thoughts!
We rescued a dog! 
The boyfriend and I have been on the hunt for the perfect pooch and haven’t had much luck. On a whim he decided to just stop by our local shelter and he fell in love with a sweet 5 year-old Catahoula/Australian Shepherd mix. I met him there on my lunch break the next day and within the hour he was ours! If you follow me on Instagram than you’ve probably already seen the photos, but here’s a picture of Charlie, a new addition to our little family! And yes, he wears a bow tie.