Series Weekend Chat

Weekend Chat No. 5

October 8, 2017

WHAT’S GOING ON • “I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.” As if there wasn’t enough unsettling news happening over the past few months between devastating hurricanes, earthquakes, and the largest mass shooting in US history, Trump decided to rescind the rule guaranteeing birth control coverage under employer health insurance. This means employers can now exclude contraceptives from insurance plans for religious or moral reasons and the rule will go into effect immediately. This is such a huge set back for women. I was crushed when I heard the news and I cried. Hard. So why is all this so important? You can read this article to find out what happens if affordable birth control is no longer available. The impact is massive. I urge you to sue your voice. Get on a call with Congress and express your

I urge you to use your voice. Get on a call with Congress. Seriously! You can call the Captiol switchboard at (202) 224-3121. Tell them your displeasure with the rollback and this rule that went into effect immediately this past Friday. You can also take to social media using the hashtag #HandsOffMyBC. Make your voice heard. Post about the necessity of affordable health care and contraceptives for women on social media. We cannot allow this to continue. USE YOUR VOICE.

BASICS ELEVATED • If you’re not familiar with the ethical fashion brand, Everlane, now is your time become acquainted. From now through November 12, Nordstrom has a pop-up featuring key pieces from the L.A. made retailer so you can try a few pieces and get free shipping and free returns, a Nordstrom standard. The perfect silk shirt to wear tucked into high-waisted jeans, a very Parisian red striped tee, wide-leg crop pants to wear in any season, and an effortless dress that goes from day to night. Oh, and cashmere sweatpants because… duh.

J.CREW FOR LESS • 30% off at J.Crew? Count me in. I just purchased this turtleneck bodysuit (genius, by the way!), along with this adorable bow hair tie, the perfect slouchy sweater, and this adorable graphic sweatshirt. I’m also swooning over these suede booties and these croc-stamped heeled boots for fall. Not to mention these jeans to pair with sweaters and flat mules.

WHAT ON EARTH IS WELLNESS? • I got sucked into a series of British Vogue YouTube videos this weekend and I had to share. You can watch the full documentary here that follows Camille Rowe, French-American (and hilariously adorable) model and actress, on her journey to discovering what wellness really is and why we’re suddenly so obsessed with it. The psychology of it and the goodness it can bring as a community (not just an individual) were actually inspiring! You can also watch it in 15-minute episodes: E1, E2, E3, E4, and E5.

ARE YOU BEING TOO NICE? • If you’re someone who avoids conflict like your alarm clock on a Monday morning, I highly recommend reading this. Not saying how you really feel or getting to the bottom of an issue may actually be hurting you (in more ways than you think). Read on to learn the concept of “balancing grace and wisdom.”

EASY LISTENING • You know when you find that one artist/album that you can’t stop listening to? Sir Sly’s new album “Don’t You Worry, Honey” is one of the best albums I’ve heard in a while. From start to end. “Change” is a personal favorite, along with their song “High” that’s quickly making its way across airwaves. Think chill weekend tunes for easy listening and cool L.A. vibes. It’s also even better on vinyl. 😉

SHINE ON, GIRLFRIEND • I truly can’t get enough of this glistening cream highlighter. I honestly thought I would only use it for summer, but since I’ve made the switch to more matte foundations, I’ve been loving adding back a bit of glow with this highlighter. It somehow makes all your makeup melt into your skin giving you a true glow without looking like a disco ball. I’m learning to embrace a more subtle glow and this product truly does that best. Buh-bye, powder highlighters. You can also watch it in action here.

FURRY DUPE • I fell head over heels for this Loeffler Randal mini knot tote but couldn’t justify the price. So when I found this perfect dupe for under $50, I jumped at the opportunity. I just received it in the mail yesterday and it is truly the softest thing my hands have ever touched. I’m officially taking it everywhere with me. So fun for fall/winter!

ALL ABOUT THAT BASE • I have finally found the perfect primer. And it’s silicone free! I’m all about saving time in the morning and multipurpose products are definitely a huge factor in that. REN Skincare recently sent me this priming serum and I can’t get enough. It both moisturizes and primes leaving you with the perfect base for makeup or bare skin! I typically suffer from dryness and texture and this serum is perfect for that. I no longer have to apply a serum, moisturizer and a primer all before putting on makeup. This does it all. It allows your skin to breathe meaning it won’t clog your pores like most primers do and it instantly hydrates your skin. Voila! Everything you’d ever want in a primer.