Who What Wear Red Dress For Summer

June 5, 2017
Who What Wear red dress

Who What Wear red dress Who What Wear red dress Who What Wear red dress Who What Wear red dress and brixton hatWho What Wear red dress Who What Wear red dress Photos by Beckley & Co.

WHO WHAT WEAR Dress (identical here)  •  FOREVER 21 Sandals (love these)  •  BRIXTON Hat

Well this weekend started off as a bummer. Steven and I were supposed to fly out to LA Friday afternoon but the weather decided otherwise. Our flight was delayed several hours before we were finally notified that it was canceled due to severe weather. We later found out all other flights that night were canceled and everything else the following day was full. It was Steven’s nephew’s first birthday party, my best friend was driving up from San Diego to see us and we were supposed to have lunch with my parents since I wasn’t able to see them for my thirtieth birthday (that number is even more terrifying when written out, by the way, lol). I even packed this Who What Wear red dress to take on the trip! But shit happens sometimes and it was out of our control.

So we made the best of it. Saturday morning we picked Charlie up and started the day with an acai bowl from one of my fave new spots, Juiceland! To our surprise, the sun came out so we spent half the day hanging in the pool. We then decided if we couldn’t make it to California, we may as well feel like we were there and grabbed some In-n-Out for comfort food. Later that night we took a stroll around Bishop Arts District and found the best smelling candle at one of my favorite shops, Society. We also stopped by one of my favorite art shops, Neighborhood, and found two killer prints that I purchased immediately for our gallery wall (in the making). We topped off the night with some drinks at Enos. It was a nice, much-needed date night.

Sunday we grabbed some brunch at Mudhen at the Dallas Farmers Market which is so, so good and has one of the best patios. We got snow cones, walked around the farmer’s market and did some shopping. We met up with our fellow Cali friends later on and decided to grab some drinks and do a little bowling. Turns out I’m not that bad! It had been a while… but the beer helped lol.

So all in all, not a bad weekend. We were pretty bummed but made the best of it. To be honest, it was kind of nice for us to hang out and have the whole weekend together. That doesn’t happen often. It was the silver lining in an otherwise shitty situation.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend!