6 Items I’m Currently Craving

January 4, 2017


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1. Madewell Shirt // 2. Warby Parker Eyeglasses // 3. Loeffler Randall Pumps // 4. H&M Jeans // 5. Mango Coat // 6. Public Desire Booties

I decided this year I was going to be strategic in what I buy, not just impulse shopping all year round. Similar to a capsule wardrobe, I wanted to only purchase key pieces that I know would last me more than one season and would be versatile all year round.

But when you decide to narrow down your shopping to only a handful of pieces, you want them to be perfect. You know, “the perfect pair of jeans” or “the perfect booties”, and this can definitely take you down a rabbit hole to find a coveted piece that’s just right. But I think I finally narrowed it down to the items I’m truly loving.

Starting with a pair of cropped straight leg jeans, this was a struggle for me – most jeans aren’t catered towards those under five feet tall. This style spoke to me though. So I was determined to find a pair that worked, even if it did require a bit of altering. I ended up going with this perfect pair for it’s simple style and affordable price. Who doesn’t love a great pair of jeans for $40? I’m currently still eyeing a few other pairs: here, here and here.

When it comes to shoes, I am very picky about the styles. Sometimes affordable knock-offs just look, well, off. I like the details to be perfect – everything from the shape of the toe to the arch of the heel. There are two styles I’ve had my eye on: the low block heel pump and the snakeskin bootie. Both of which have a ton of options available, but only a few really caught my eye as being “the ones.” For the low block heeled pump, I originally fell in love with this style, only to be left disappointed by the price. But found this slightly more affordable option that is just too perfect. I also found this and this that are great budget-friendly contenders. Then came the search for the perfect pair of snakeskin booties. There is surprisingly an overwhelming amount of options with this style, but only a few felt “high-end”. I ended up going with this style in the end, but also loved this and this.

Besides the jeans and shoes being at the top of my capsule wardrobe list, I’ve also been on the hunt for a chic pair of vintage style eyeglasses, a perfectly draped trench coat, and a pajama shirt that doesn’t look cheap. I fell in love with these eyeglasses from Warby Parker. These were a second runner up. I just love the look of vintage styles. They add the perfect mix of funky and chic to any outfit. The draped trench is another favorite of mine because you can easily just throw it on and go. Alas, this was another issue for me being so petite. So finding one that fit properly has been a struggle. I actually ended up with this style in green, although I was hoping to find one with a longer length similar to this one. And one in a dusty pink? Too good. Then last but not least is the pajama shirt. I don’t know why I love this style so much. It’s just such a simple and chic top to wear with any type of jeans. I especially love the look with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans. I first set eyes on this version, but later found this option instead. I actually prefer the navy for a softer look.

So there you have it! My final picks for my sort-of capsule wardrobe this month. What are you currently craving?