Zsofia’s Fine Lingerie in Dallas

October 23, 2015


I happen to be a lingerie lover. Not something I really show on the blog, but let’s just say like everything else (ie shoes, makeup, clothes, etc.), I have a problem. Fun fact: the first time I was given an “adult” allowance, aka gas money when I was 17 to get to and from work and school, I blew it the first day… on a bra. Yup. My first big purchase was a bra. And not just any bra, but a bright, teal satin bra with lace details. I was in love. My parents couldn’t be more upset. But hey, lesson learned when I was out of money.

My point being, if there’s one thing I love to splurge on (guilt free) – it’s lingerie. So when I found out there was a new lingerie shop in Dallas, I was literally giddy. I had the opportunity to spend the  afternoon at Zsofia’s Fine Lingerie with one of the most amazing people I’ve met since moving to Dallas, shop owner Zsofia Mezey.


Tucked away in the Dallas Design District sits this chic and Parisian-inspired lingerie shop that specializes in one-on-one bra fittings to find the perfect bra for every woman, no matter the shape or size. Zsofia is a certified bra fitter and truly knows her stuff.


With a background in fashion design, Zsofia knows quality and understands fit, but refuses to believe you have to compromise one for the other. A good fitting bra can be both sexy and practical. And the options at Zsofia’s Fine Lingerie are endless. From nude basics to sexy black demi styles, there is an option for everyone. There’s even a “Naughty Box” for those looking for something a little more daring.

As if the lingerie already wasn’t enough to bring you into the doors, the decor makes you feel as if you’ve walked into a shop in Paris. Every piece of furniture is vintage and redone by Zsofia herself adding a true personal touch. There’s even a gentleman’s liquor station with gorgeous vintage decanters filled with whiskey to sip on while waiting.


I had the opportunity to be fitted by Zsofia and I can honestly say it was life changing. I’ve always struggled with finding a great fitting bra because I am petite, but also have a larger bust size. Turns out I’ve been wearing the wrong bra size! I had no idea. I’ve been wearing a 34C since high school and I’ve always had to tighten the straps and fasten on the tightest hooks. This causes the entire bra to lift in the back offering literally no support.

Zsofia specializes in sizes you wouldn’t normally find in big box retailers such as a 30DD (my size as it turns out) or a 28F. By choosing a bra with the right size you get the right support, a better shape and actually helps define your waist! Fit truly is everything. I must have tried on over 20 bras and we finally found a match that truly did fit like a glove – a gorgeous nude Fleur du Mal number.


I think it’s safe to say Zsofia’s Fine Lingerie is officially my new favorite shop in Dallas and I can hardly wait to visit again to see all the new goodies she got in.

If you live in the Dallas area, be sure to stop in to Zsofia’s for a glass of wine or champagne and find the perfect fit for you, and maybe a few other pretty little things to add to your wardrobe.

Zsofia’s Fine Lingerie shop is located at 1130 Dragon Street Suite 160, Dallas, TX 75207.

A huge thank you to Zsofia for making me feel like a close friend during my visit and sharing your afternoon with me. It truly was a day I’ll never forget.

  • Teia Collier
    October 28, 2015 at 4:46 PM

    i positively adore Zsofia’s salon. IT’S A GORGEOUS ADDITION TO THE FUN PLEASURES IN dALLAS.