My Summer Routine With Coola Sunless Tan

Coola sunless tanCoola sunless tanCoola Sunless TanCoola sunless tan Coola sunless tanCoola sunless tanCoola sunless tanPhotos by Beckley & Co.

H&M Swimsuit (craving this style)  •  FOREVER 21 Sunglasses (similar here and here)  •  MADEWELL Earrings  •  ETSY Market Bag  •  COOLA Sunless Tan Anti-Aging Face Serum  •  COOLA Sunless Tan Dry Oil Mist  •  COOLA Mineral LipLux in Bonfire

The struggle is real my friends. I am in full vacation mode. In my mind. With no vacation planned. 😂 A girl can dream, right? This happens to me every summer. Without fail. The travel bug bites hard. But if I can’t be somewhere tropical, why not look like I’ve been soaking up the rays all day? Well, I’ve found the solution: Coola Sunless Tan.

Growing up in Southern California means I spent my teenage years, ok and my twenties, under the sun slathered in tanning oil by the pool. Kids, this is bad. Very, very bad. Those UV Rays are no joke and can cause premature aging, wrinkles, sun spots and worst of all, cancer. So it’s important to protect yourself with SPF and not bake your skin.

But I’m all about a good tan. I also feel more like myself when I’m tan and as soon as summer comes around, sunless tanner is the first thing I grab. Coola was kind enough to send me their Sunless Tan Dry Oil Mist and Sunless Tan Anti-Aging Face Serum and I am over the moon excited about these products. Even their Mineral LipLux has become a fave! Guys, this stuff is good. Here’s why…

Coola Sunless Tan Dry Oil Mist

I love a really deep tan, but I don’t always have time to use a heavy self-tanner. I mean, seriously. Who on earth has 6 hours to lie around with that awful smell allowing the tan develop while trying not to touch anything? It’s just not realistic. The Sunless Tan Dry Oil Mist is a game changer. It is fast-drying, streak-free, and transfer-free. Sold. Finding a sunless tanner that’s transfer free is not an easy task. Although this is considered a gradual tanner, I found the initial color to be darker than anticipated so I haven’t felt a need to apply daily. The tan actually lasts up to 3 days!

The mist is surprisingly convenient and mess-free. It’s super easy to apply with your hands – no tanning mitt needed here! It’s also incredibly moisturizing. The formula is a blend of “argan oil, vitamin C, hibiscus, and chamomile extract” leaving your skin with a gorgeous summer glow.

Coola Sunless Tan Anti-Aging Face Serum

This tanning serum is my favorite of the two. I use this DAILY. Almost religiously, actually, morning and night. This is a holy grail product for me. I repeat, HOLY. GRAIL. Ladies (and gents), I have ditched foundation altogether and solely rely on this serum for perfectly tanned skin. It is my absolute favorite facial skincare and/or tanning product that I have ever tried. And talk about a double duty product this stuff does so much more than your run-of-the-mill facial tanner. Similar to the dry oil mist, this is a gradual tanner so the color lasts a few days and is buildable. It’s a little sheerer in color than the dry oil mist but I found it still left a decent tan on my face even after first use. Then after using it daily for about a week, I couldn’t believe the gorgeous color my face was!

Besides the tanning benefits, this is actually a great anti-aging product. It is 70-percent organic with “a potent blend of argan oil, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and plant stem cell cultures that leaves skin feeling smooth, hydrated, and glowing.” And yes you read those ingredients right. So all the other skincare products you’ve been eyeing, you can forget it. Because the Sunless Tan Anti-Aging Face Serum has all that and leaves a gorgeous tan. What’s not to love? It’s also streak-free, easy to apply with your hands and is transfer free. We have a winner!!! Guys, this is life changing. Am I being dramatic? Maybe. But believe me when I say this is the best product you can buy for the summer, although I think I’ll be sticking with this year round. My skin and facial coloring have never looked better. All without being in the sun!

Coola Mineral LipLux SPF 30

While the other two products are meant to stay out of the sun, this product has actual sun protection. And it’s insanely moisturizing. The Mineral LipLux in Bonfire has quickly become my go-to lip product and it literally goes wherever I go. This color is that perfect “your lips but better” color with a hint of mauve. It looks gorgeous over any lipstick or lip color and adds a layer of SPF so your lips don’t get chapped or burnt.

So there you have it. Sunless tanner? Check. Facial tanner and anti-aging serum? Check. Lip balm with SPF? Check. Coola, as it turns out, has you covered for summer. I cannot recommend these products enough and can honestly say these are my favorite beauty products to date. Did I mention the Sunless Tan Anti-Aging Facial Serum is my holy grail? Because it’s amazing. Sephora also has a travel size duo of both the Face Serum and Dry Oil Mist for only $24 so you can try before committing to the full bottles. Though I can almost guarantee these products won’t disappoint. 😉

Have you tried the Coola Sunless Tan products? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thank you to Coola for gifting these products!

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