Levi’s On Sale 30% OFF!! Sharing My Top Picks and Go-To Styles

I am a die hard denim girl. Jeans are ALWAYS my go-to uniform. And when it comes to denim, I pretty much stick with Levi’s. They’re better quality than almost any other denim brand I’ve ever purchased, they last forever and once worn in, the fit can’t be beat.

I’ve received so many questions (both in person and on Instagram) lately about my favorite pairs of Levi’s and how I find a pair that fits. So I thought I’d do a little round up of my top picks and tips on finding the right fit.

And even more great news, the Levi’s Friends & Family Sale is currently happening so you can score a new pair of jeans (or two… or three – ha!) at 30% OFF!! This is the best way to find Levi’s on sale so I would definitely take advantage.

My Favorite Levi’s Jeans On Sale!

501 Stretch Skinny Jeans

The 501s are my absolute favorite fit. They just work better for my body type. So any curvy and petite ladies out there, this is definitely the fit for you. But this style works great on all body types and I especially love the 5-button fly (which is how you know they’re 501’s, in case you ever wondered what the number was for).

I have to go up one size with this fit – keep in mind these jeans run TIGHT when you first purchase them. They have to be worn in and after a few wears they start to stretch out and conform to your body – which is why I love Levi’s!! Just trust me, the wear-in period is worth it.

levi's on sale 501 original jeans

501 Original Fit Jeans

These are a tried and true classic. I love the way the hem of these jeans don’t hug the ankle and has a true straight leg fit. They look even better with a raw hem! Which means if you’re short and need them hemmed, you can fearlessly take a pair of scissors to them at home without having to worry about ruining them.

levi's on sale 501 skinny jeans

501 Skinny Jeans

These Levi’s jeans are the toughest to break in, in my opinion. But the fit is unreal when they finally do. I wore them for several hours at a time on weekends until they finally became more comfortable. This fit makes your butt look insane. I get stopped every single time I wear these by women asking what style they are. Totally worth the work to get the fit right.

I recommend going up two sizes in these as they fit much more snug than the stretch skinny jeans. They’re also a thicker denim so they’ll be stiff initially, which means they absolutely will not fit when you first try them on. They should be hard to breathe in haha. I promise they eventually stretch out and will fit like a glove.


Other Levi’s Favorites On Sale

levi's on sale ex-boyfriend trucker jacket

Ex-Boyfriend Trucker Jacket

This is one of my most worn jackets in my closet. I get so much wear out of this denim jacket! It’s a boxier, baggier fit which I love and it’s so easy to just throw on and go. It pairs well with literally any outfit and is always my go-to jacket when taking the dog out, going into the office (the air conditioning is always on full blast), or for when it starts to get cooler at night. It’s also my favorite jacket to wear with dresses!

Original Sherpa Trucker Jacket

I love this jacket for when the temps cool down. This is such a comfortable, cozy denim jacket and I wore it to death this past winter. It’s perfect for trips, and even better for road trips or camping. It’s durable and doesn’t need to be washed often, literally gets softer and more comfortable as you wear it and I don’t mind if it gets dirty or thrown around. It’s just the perfect down-n-dirty jacket. Everybody needs one 😉

levi's on sale 501 shorts

501 Shorts

I have 3 pairs of these shorts in different washes, specifically Blue Explorer (wearing above), Waveline, and Back to Your Heart; and they’re my favorite basic pair of denim shorts. I appreciate the high waist so I can tuck in t-shirts or wear with crop tops. I usually go up 2 sizes in these because I like a roomier, baggier fit. No booty shorts for me, thanks. You really can’t go wrong with this style.

501 Long Shorts

While I love my 501 shorts, somedays shorter shorts just don’t work for me. If I know I’ll be walking a lot, then I usually opt for longer shorts. If you’re a thicker thigh gal, trust me, you need these 501 Long Shorts. They have the fit and feel of 501s but with a little extra fabric to prevent thigh rubbing. Because let’s face it, thighs and short shorts in the summer are NOT friends. I also love that these add some extra length for when I wear longer, baggier vintage tees. Not really into that “no pants” look.


P.S. More on where to find the best vintage band tees coming soon! For now be sure to check out my t-shirt edit here

So if you’ve been wanting to try different styles or give Levi’s a go, now is your chance to score Levi’s on sale! I’d even recommend purchasing two different sizes to try since you can always return the pair that doesn’t fit.

The Levi’s Friends and Family Sale ends today so now is your last chance to grab your new favorite pair of jeans at 30% OFF! Use code FAM30 at checkout.

Let me know what Levi’s jeans are your favorite and if you end up purchasing anything from the sale!

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