Top Five Concealers


When it comes to makeup, concealer is at the top of my list. It’s the one product I absolutely do not go out in public without. Concealer instantly brightens your entire face, not mention covering those dark circles and puffy eyes. It really does make a huge difference in your overall appearance. Here is a rundown of my top five concealers and why I stick to these picks more than any other concealers on the market.

top-five-concealers-nars-creamy-concealerNARS RADIANT CREAMY CONCEALER

This is hands down one of my favorite concealers for every day. The consistency is light enough for every day wear, yet still provides medium to full coverage. I tend to stick to this concealer for those busy days where a 15-minute face is all I have time for. The wand makes for quick application and the formula blends so easily that you can just use your fingers to pat in once applied. Although the Nars Creamy Concealer is the more expensive of the other four on this list, I continue to repurchase because of its ease of you and great coverage. They also have a a great color range to choose from  – even for those with dark complexions which can sometimes be difficult to find in high end makeup products.

top-five-concealers-la-girl-pro-concealerLA GIRL PRO CONCEALER

If you don’t have this concealer in your makeup arsenal, you’re truly missing out. The LA Girl Pro Concealer is one of those GREAT affordable finds that truly makes you scratch your head wondering why it’s so inexpensive. This concealer has incredible coverage with an easy squeeze applicator. You can blend with your fingers, although I prefer to use a brush to blend everything out. It’s surprisingly thick for a “drugstore” concealer, yet has a nice finish once applied and blended out. This concealer is even great for contouring and highlighting since they have such a broad range of colors – and they’re less than $5 each. So you won’t feel guilty trying out different shades to mix and match or contour and highlight.

top-five-concealers-garnier-skin-renew-anti-dark-circle-eye-rollerGARNIER SKIN RENEW ANTI-DARK CIRCLE EYE ROLLER

I call this the lazy girl’s concealer. So obviously it’s a personal favorite. This roller concealer is completely different than the rest of the bunch and technically isn’t even a concealer. Garnier refers to it as an Anti-Circle Eye Roller, but it actually does have product in it that you roll on. The product is a little bit thinner and very easy to blend. I wouldn’t even recommend a brush because you’d lose most of the product on the brush. I just roll and and pat with my fingers. This definitely isn’t a concealer for those who need coverage for heavy dark circles, but it is great if you just need a light touch up to look presentable in public. One of those throw on and go type of products – yes, this applies to makeup.

top-five-concealers-nyx-concealer-in-a-jarNYX FULL COVERAGE CONCEALER

This concealer in a jar packs on some serious coverage and color. Much thicker in consistency but still easily blended. I typically use this concealer when I need full coverage or am wearing a full face of makeup. I use a small stippling brush to apply and then blend out with a damp Beauty Blender. I find it gives me that flawless coverage under the eye that can’t always be achieved by patting with your fingers. It also blends incredibly well into foundation for an airbrushed look.

top-five-concealers-loreal-magic-lumi-concealer-wandL’OREAL PARIS MAGIC LUMI HIGHLIGHTER

I consider the Lumi Highlighter to be more of a concealer enhancer than an actual concealer. I apply any of the above concealers as normal but then apply this highlighter over it for a brightening effect. I’ve tried the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat and I have to admit, I actually prefer this highlighter. I found it to be more brightening and have more of a highlighting effect than the Touche Éclat. Even better that the L’Oreal version is under $10. I apply this with my fingers and will even use it as a highlighter on my upper cheekbones to really brighten my whole face. Dab a little above your cupids bow and down the bridge of your nose for that “glow from within” look.

So there you have it. My  top five concealers in a nutshell. What are your favorite concealers? Any holy grail products you can’t live without? Share in a comment!

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